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Live Music

Steve Lucas

Thurs 26 October, 8pm

Steve Lucas (X) heads up from Melbourne for a night of cruisy tunes, and an all round good time at The Barley.

Jason Walker & Guests

Sat 28 Oct, 8pm

The Forresters

Sun 29 October, 5pm

Hana Brenecki & Jessie-Lee, with Dearly Departed

Sat 4 November, 8pm

What a night - Hana & Jessie-Lee + Dearly Departed! Hana & Jessie-Lee are a powerhouse two-piece based in Adelaide and Melbourne. The melodic hooks, twangy guitars and skilled song craft featuring the soulful vocals of Hana Brenecki blended with the judicious smoky drawl of Jessie-Lee’s telecaster creates something unique and exciting. Get ready for a bit of cowboy boot wearin', country honky tonk & whiskey drinking (at The Barley? I know, who woulda thought)!

Miss Monica & The Loquacious Gentlemen

Sat 4 November, 8pm

Miss Monica & The Loquacious Gentlemen is a Sydney based country band performing the songs of Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, Kris Kristofersen and more'.

James Kenyon

Sat 18 November, 8pm

Michelle Little

Sun 19 November, 8pm

Shelley's Murder Boys

Sun 26 November, 6pm

John Encarnacao

Thurs 30 November, 8pm

Roy Payne

Sat 2 December, 8pm

Tay Oskee

Sun 17 December, 6pm