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Live Music

Michigan Water

Thurs 22 June, 8pm

Michael Meissner & Michael Rhydderch

Two Mikes playing mostly pre-war blues

The Crooning Wankstains

Sat 24 June, 8pm

Bow Campbell & Davis Claymore

Very excited to have The Crooning Wankstains - Bow Campbell and Davis Claymore of Front End Loader infamy - back at The Barley for a Saturday night knees-up.

White Knuckle Fever

Sun 2 July, 6:30pm

Joshua Cook

Sun 9 July, 7pm

Steve Lucas

Thurs 20 July, 8pm

Miles & Simone

Sat 22 July, 8pm

Bonnie Kaye & the Bonafides

Sun 30 July, 6:30pm

The Number 4 Band

Thurs 3 Aug, 8pm